my WHY

A fatherhood journey brought to you by a father who is figuring it out as he goes. I have often been told by those valued people in my support group that I should find a way to share my fatherhood story to help support those single dads out there who want to be better but due to life constraints might not have the time to research or explore how to do better. 

This website is my way to share those lessons learned from my unconventional life. I hope readers understand why I work so hard to build and cultivate a bond with my son as a single father.

As a three-year-old abandoned by his parents, I grew up in foster care where I yearned for my father’s return. Coming to age in South Los Angeles without a father to guide me through the travails of my inner-city reality, my path to UCLA was marred by the challenges of growing up fatherless in a poverty-stricken environment. So many lessons learned on the value of fathers and positive male role models by virtue of a lack of both in my life, I embrace my role as the image-bearer of what a man and father should be like as I lead the way for my son.

Thank you for joining me on this fatherhood odyssey as I aim to cultivate a collaborative thought space where like-minded fathers can gather to simply discuss what it means to be a present and active father. Our children deserve nothing less and we matter more than we might ever imagine possible.

This Father Matters

Nothing like cuddle time. It’s our favorite pass time. From video game time to movie time our indoor time is often coupled with cuddle time.

 Whenever I take time to read through the journal my son and I keep to document what we are looking forward to each time he returns home, I am always reminded of what truly matters to him — Quality Time. His greatest lesson to me has been how much the little things are truly the big things for my Big Ol’ Boy!

My Core Values

I decided it was important to establish my core values as a personal challenge to show up as the best version of a man and father for my son. My core values inform the decisions I make about how I engage my son. They are a constant reminder of the person I aspire to be for him. Combined, my core values represent my northern star. As long as I follow my core values, I will stay the course for my son.